How To Use The Census

The census is full of useful information making it an extremely valuable resource and it is often the perfect place to begin researching your family tree. Moreover, a lot of the censuses available to the public including the most recent 1911 census are available on online for a small but worthwhile fee, so you can research your family history in your own time and from the comfort of your own home.

Alternatively, ask your local library about whether they possess any records, often libraries and record offices have numerous census records, which are free and available to the public.

To effectively use the census it is always best to use the information which you already know and to work backwards. A person search is often the easiest way to begin and choosing relatives which are close for example a grandparent can be the easiest way to begin. By entering a grandparent's full name into the search it will provide you with their parent's names and in turn their parent's name, this process will allow you to work towards retracing your family history.

You can also search the census by place, vessel or institution, this method, however, can be a lot harder but is often the best way to begin if you don't have the names of close relatives. Whichever way you choose to use the census it is a fantastic way to trace back your family history.