Creating A Family Tree

The best advice for people beginning to create a family tree is to plan how you will achieve creating a family tree. Often once you begin researching it can produce a lot of information, which may lead you through one side of the family, this often means you may have to back track to that point and research a different direction. There can be a lot of information available to you and it can be a little confusing about where to begin, with new information occurring each day looking into your family history can be a time consuming but enjoyable hobby. It's therefore important to follow a few basic steps in order to keep you going in the right direction.

• Have a set objective

When you begin make sure you keep a goal in mind, for example you will research your father's side first, if you come across some interesting information make a note of it so that you can come back to it later, instead of following that chain of information otherwise it can become exciting but confusing.

• Resources

With these sources of information you can find details on your past ancestors. Deciding which resources to use often depends on the type of information you already have gathered from your close family. From this information it will be possible to decide which records will be the most useful for you, and how you will use them, for example a name search through the census or local parish records to discover the christened name of a family member.

• Order

In what order are you going to collect information from the sources. Often the best way to collect information to use one resource at a time, gathering all the information available from one resource will allow you to discover which information is missing and it also prevents you from getting confused.

• Practicality

Remember to be practical when researching; remember to make a note of the opening hours of libraries and record offices. Also look into the rules of archives, some do not allow visitors to take in pens, laptops or photographic equipment. Also, research whether certain documents are available to be viewed and if you need to make an appointment to see them. Often the people you contact when researching will be more than happy to help you, and they often suggest an alternative way of finding a missing link that you may not have thought of.

By making a plan and following these simple steps it will assist you in being able to make a rewarding and enjoyable journey through time and history, tracing your very own family tree.