Census UK

The popularity of television programs such as Who Do You Think You Are and Heir Hunters has seen a growth of people trying to retrace their family history in the hope of discovering any possible hidden secrets which might lie in their family's past. The National Trust has recently reported that tracing a family's history has become a very popular and enjoyable pastime, with over 56% of Britons taking part in their poll say they have researched their family history.

For many people the idea of retracing your entire family history can seem a daunting task at first, with many people unsure as to where to begin. There is a variety of family tree software available today for people to use; however, purchasing the necessary software is not always useful. Often using the available national census records and following a simple step by step guide is an easy alternative to software and can make tracing your family history an exciting and fun experience.

Within this website you will find an explanation of what the national census is, how to use the census and more importantly, help and advice for those trying to retrace their family history.